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新鲜铁棍山药,Fresh Chinese Yam

Product: Fresh Chinese Yam / TIE GUN SHAN YAO/ Iron rod Chinese Yam
Locality of growth: Wen Xian, Jiao Zuo, China.
Size: OD 2-3cm, Length 30-80cm
规格:直径2-3cm, 长度30-80cm
Packing: 5Kgs/Package or Customized
包装:每件5kgs 或者根据客户要求包装

Our Chinese yam Growth environment:

34.48 degrees north latitude and 112.02 degrees east longitude, with the Taihang Mountains to the north and the Yellow River to the south. For thousands of years, the Yellow River, Qinhe River, and Jihe River have carried the unique karst water of the Taihang Mountains, rich in trace elements that seep into the ground and connect with the groundwater of Wen County, forming a unique water quality. The evaporation and dispersion of trace elements and minerals in the soil species within Wen County have formed a unique microbial and trace element air structure. Because the soil in Wen County is hard and sticky, the yam in this area has a curved shape with rust like red spots on the surface, so it is called iron stick yam. Iron stick yam produced in Wen County contains more protein, trace elements, and minerals than ordinary yam from other regions, making it highly nutritious and practical as a medicine.
北纬34.48度,东经112.02度,北边是太行山脉,南边是黄河。千百年来,黄河,沁河,济河 三条河流携带太行山特殊的岩溶水,丰富的微量元素渗入地下,与温县地下水贯通相连,形成独特的水质。温县境内的土壤种的微量元素和矿物质蒸发弥散,形成了独特的微生物和微量元素空气结构。因为温县土质硬实,粘性大,所以这个地方的山药外形弯曲,表面有类似铁锈一样的红斑,所以被称为铁棍山药。产于温县的铁棍山药比其他产地的普通山药含有较多的蛋白质,微量元素和矿物质,所以营养价值较高,并且也作为药品实用。

The characteristics of our iron stick Chinese yam
Fertilization of farmhouse manure without any fertilizer
No pesticides, no bulking agents,

8 years of rotational sowing (after planting a piece of land, it takes 8 years to plant iron stick yams again, so as to ensure that each planting can yield the highest nutritional value iron stick yam)

Direct drinking water source irrigation

Yam texture tight and with high density, Curved appearance , red spots on the surface

Wire can be drawn after breaking

Snow white flesh, taste fragrant, sweet, and glutinous,

Packaging and transportation (Customizable, accepts OEM)
包装和运输 (可定制,接受OEM)

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